We believe that in order to create a kinder, fairer world, we need more than resources alone – we need real, authentic connection.

The issues

    • What do global issues really look like in different parts of the world?
    • How do my actions affect these issues?

Each other

    • How do more vulnerable communities experience these issues
    • How might we foster greater collaboration between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’

The Solutions

    • How can we take inspiration from communities – and entrepreneurs – on the front lines?
    • How can we support their mission in a sustainable way?

We are consistently reviewing the quality of the  learning experience that our programs provide by

Surveying our participants and

– Engaging external evaluation teams from leading academic institutions.

Evaluation Study

This report shows the extensive evaluation done by Victoria Cabrera & Maria Eloisa Ramos, PhD candidates at Claremont Graduate University, California.

Logic Model

Our Theory of Change Logic Model also is a living document that guides our decisions and development.

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We strive to create shared-value partnerships which ensure that our courses benefit students – as well as the communities we create them with – in equal measure.

Student Impact

Sparking Change

      • We aim to inspire competent global citizenship.

Curriculum Integration

      • We consult with academic experts so that our courses meet a range of curriculum requirements, from K-12 to university level.

Equal Access

      • Through our scholarship program, we want students of diverse backgrounds to gain access to our courses

Partner Impact

The communities & social entrepreneurs with whom we work


    • Passive income earned by our partners with every course sold, with opportunities to earn more from live sessions.


    • We create engaging content for and about inspiring communities, entrepreneurs & organizations, raising their profile to 1000s of local and international students & corporations around the world.


    • Our school and corporate partners will have the opportunity to create even greater impact through supporting additional initiatives which go beyond the course itself (i.e. coral rehabilitation, training, scholarships, etc.)

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our impact strategy.

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With your help, we can create a course featuring inspiring organisations from around the world.

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Connect Us

Engaging with like-minded organisations is what makes our mission come alive. If you know, or are part of, an NGO, social enterprise, school, university or corporation which may be interested in partnering with us, please get in touch.

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