Read about our people, whose passion built MAD from the ground up; our values, which we use each day to guide us; and our partners, whose support sustains and energizes us.

Our Team

our team
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Our Values

our values

Values mean nothing if they don’t have a tangible impact on the way you approach your mission, so here’s a quick take on how our values have helped to shape us so far. 

MAD team member Raf looks at several members of the yangil while presenting from a laptop


We know that empathy starts with the curiosity to explore, understand and appreciate various perspectives.

Fun fact!

Tom, Sophie and Aline all separately arrived in the Philippines expecting to stay a few months - and ended up staying for years because of the inspiring people they met there!


We believe in and rely on authentic relationships. We hold ourselves accountable and take ownership for our actions.

Fun fact!

Some of our longest community partnerships already span over a decade!

Raf squats with two members of the Yangil tribe, laughingAn illustration of a the "Ikegai" Venn diagram: circles for "What you love," "What you can be paid for," "What you are good at", and "What the world needs" - with the word "Ikegai" at the center.


We spark inspiration because taking meaningful action often begins by connecting with people who are creating positive change.

Fun fact!

One of our most popular courses revolves around the 'Ikigai' concept, which challenges students to reflect on their role as Changemakers. no matter our age - we can ALL make a difference!


We believe that creating shared value unleashes everyone’s potential. We know that we can achieve more when we work as a supportive team and partner with others.

Fun fact!

MAD Travel and MAD Courses combined have partnered with over 50 schools, universities and corporations over the past decade.

A photograph of MAD team member Sophie speaking at a conferenceA photograph of MAD team members Sophie and Suji at a conference


We sprinkle a little fun in everything we do, because creating a kinder, fairer world begins with ourselves being joyfully engaged with it.

Fun fact!

During official 'work hours', we've discovered that Raf dances like a Dad, Tom can't sing (he thinks he can) and Aline - a French national - prefers Rice and 3-in-1-coffee to anything 'la gastronomie francaise' can offer! Sacriligeous, surely?!

Illustration of an ipad with the MAD team members on zoom smiling



our partners

Community Partnerships

Our mission is to shine a light on the perspective of local people who are facing up to SDG-related challenges in their own, unique way. Whether indigenous communities in the Philippines to social entrepreneurs in France (or countless other stories waiting to be heard elsewhere in the world), we believe that the power of their stories has the potential to positively shape how we all see the world, as well as our role within it.

See below a list of the organisations we have partnered with:

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Institutional Partnerships


We have partnered with over a dozen international schools around the world, working very closely with some to help integrate the SDGs into their curriculum.

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We also currently partner with a range of prestigious university organisations, including:

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Corporate Partnerships

Corporations play a crucial role in enabling MAD to create more adventures, and reach more schools around the world. See below some of the companies to whom we owe the most gratitude:

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