Global Citizenship and Service brought to life in your classroom!

Schools, universities, and businesses collaborate with changemakers and communities directly experiencing and solving global issues linked to the UN SDGs. MAD leverages digital storytelling to create online, interactive courses, providing a structured platform for students to engage and apply change-making tools to hands-on projects.

MAD is all about experiential learning - students see first hand how global issues affect people, prompting them to take action.

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Our Goal

our goal

MAD’s mission is to empower people around the world to become active Global Citizens. We hear it time and again from our partners - people want to take action but they don’t know where to start. We’re here to spark meaningful engagement by empowering our students to make a difference

A student and a teacher sit on speach bubbles, which contain the two lists below.
  • How can I spark curiosity in my classroom?
  • Introduce my students to different perspectives?
  • Help kids build empathy?
  • I enjoy learning about and connecting to real people.
  • I like choosing my own pace and path.
  • I want to make a difference!
  • How can I spark curiosity?
  • Introduce different perspectives?
  • Build empathy?
  • I enjoyed connecting to real people.
  • I like choosing my own pace and path
  • I want to make a difference!

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Our Impact

Supporting communities and entrepreneurs,
who earn income from you taking a paid course.

Addressing the Sustainable Development Goals,
as each course connects to specific impact objectives.

Inspiring your students and employees to become active and competent global citizens.

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