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Our Interactive Adventures are MAD's main product, branching videos that students can navigate to learn about sustainability, indigenous communities, and systems thinking. We've also designed courses that augment these videos - read more about our curriculum strategy in our education page.

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zambales: indigenous sustainability

Lobo:sustainability coastal

This escape room-style adventure inspires students to explore the global goals as experienced by a seaside community in the Philippines. Explore how economic empowerment, environmental resilience and systems & support are keys to sustainable living. 

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scenes from the lobo adventure:

student Guided courses

We've tailored digital courses for each of our Interactive Adventures - these are the courses built with lobo. See our education page for details on curriculum integration and the difference between student guided and teacher directed courses.

SDGs + Lobo

By linking the Sustainable Development Goals to their exploration of Lobo, students truly get a picture of how global issues such as climate change, overfishing, habitat loss and plastic pollution look in “real life” and in communities they may not be familiar with.

Systems thinking in Lobo

An exciting opportunity to learn tools for Systems Thinking and then apply them to the issues found in Lobo - hands on and a must for students interested in making positive social change.

Lobo: coastal sustainability

sustainabilityindigenous Zambales:

Meet the leaders of the remote indigenous community and discover the interconnectedness of environment, culture and livelihood.

scenes from zambales:

Teacher directed courses

EAL + Zambales

To practice English language skills, while conducting a cultural study about/on the Aeta of Zambales. Students practice listening and speaking by discussing the Aeta of Zambales in a variety of ways and present information orally using appropriate vocabulary, adequate volume and clear pronunciation.

Geography + Zambales

Students research and compare societal and environmental factors in Zambales. They determine the impact of cultural and economic factors on the environment and the lives of local community, analyze how cultural and environmental factors vary across the world, and apply knowledge and understanding to a local cultural/environmental issue.

silver Heights: urban sustainability

under development
silver heights:sustainability urban

Explore an urban community in Manila who were once homeless. Understand how local NGOs build shared value partnerships which leave no one behind. Understand the role and importance of volunteering.

Scenes from silver heights:

courses under development

We're currently working on courses based on the Silver Heights adventure, focusing on these themes:

Systems Thinking

Investigative Journalism

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