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We partner with like-minded companies from around the world to create Interactive Adventures, enabling you to educate students, empower communities and inspire your workforce around a sustainability topic your organisation cares deeply about. 

why fund an interactive adventure?

Give a voice to local communities

Inspire & educate students all over the world around issues that matter*

Customize the adventure to engage your own workforce

*To see how the Interactive Adventures are integrated into school curriculum, visit our education page.

How could you use an Interactive adventure?

For Human Resource Development


Attract young talent by engaging them through an interactive, ‘escape room’ challenge and finding out their perspective on sustainability

Employee engagement

Whether for onboarding new hires, or as a team building activity, an adventure connects staff to your core values in an innovative, fun and accessible way. Suitable for remote teams.

Internal marketing

Show your employees that you have taken great strides in working with communities to create sustainable impact through your own programs, projects and ESG practices.

For Corporate Social Responsibility


Improve awareness and decision-making around sustainability by showing its importance for your company’s operations, within a local and/or global context. 


Increase volunteer rates. Use our courses as a launchpad to get your employees to not only learn, but take action - either virtually or by visiting communities on the ground.

Learn about your employees

Gain insight into how your employees perceive sustainability, and what they’ve learned about your company’s values and impact journey.

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