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Designed both for use in the classroom or for asynchronous study, our courses provide simple, effective and accessible ways for schools to integrate sustainability into their curriculum and inspire students to take informed action.

why choose mad courses?

Going on our interactive adventures is...


Choose where to go, who to talk to, and what questions to ask - as if you were there in person!


Connect to real communities through innovative technology. Evidence has shown that teaching via interactive video is both effective and efficient.


Become a more active and informed global citizen, learning about social and environmental issues through local stories.

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How to use our courses:

There are two main types of learning:

Learn - Student Courses & Teacher Lesson Plans

  • Cover a range of SDGs
  • adapted to classroom /asynchronous learning
  • Tied to curriculum standards
  • Flexible delivery timeframes

Act - The Changemaker Launchpad

  • Prepares students for informed action in their local communities.
  • 100% Self-guided
  • Students “pitch” their project to genuine third-party audience.

Read more about each of these tracks below:


Guided courses and lesson plans

Our lessons leverage the engagement and local context of the interactive adventures in our partner communities for maximum learning and FUN. 

Student Self-paced Lessons

  • Self contained
  • Online
  • Can be done in a flipped classroom setting, or during class time
  • No requirement for teacher to deliver the material

Teacher Lessons

  • Linked with curricular standards (such as IB, GCSE, NGSS, Common Core) 
  • Come with lesson plans that allow teachers to integrate material quickly
  • Available in different subject areas such as Geography, ESL/EAL, Mathematics, etc.

Read more about all of our interactive adventures, and the courses we've designed for them:


The Changemaker's Launchpad

A self-guided and scaffolded learning experience that helps students to investigate and take informed action using their creativity. Our goal is to empower students to seek support from organizations to develop and implement their projects. By the end of the journey, students will have the skills and knowledge necessary to put their ideas into action. 

watch the trailer:


Embark on an exciting venture to immerse and empathise. Here you meet some of the founders of Make A Difference Travel and follow their journey as changemakers, and then travel to Zambales via the interactive adventure to see it “first hand”! 


Prepare to make change in your own community, and dig deeper into the context and elements of the social or environmental issue you want to tackle.

systems thinking & design

Learn tools for deeper understanding and solution finding; including the Sustainability Compass, Systems Mapping and the Iceberg Model. Practice with the Zambales case study and then apply to your own topic. 

prototype & propose

Here’s the LAUNCH of the launchpad: Submit project proposals to a genuine 3rd party audience such as Youth Ambassador, Global Co:Lab SDG Hubs and Teen Dream Challenge, Yunus 3 Zero Clubs or the Siva Kumari Student Innovator Grant

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